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Adarve Services

Adarve is a comprehensive garden design, construction and maintenance company, led by designer Beatrice Perlac and master gardener and project manager Francisco Ramos.

Whilst it is not the usual situation for a landscape designer to own and run the construction company that executes the commissioned garden projects, Adarve Jardines was born from the imperative need for a comprehensive workflow that encompasses and fulfills every phase, from conception to delivery, with the same philosophy of excellence and attention to detail throughout.

Every project is a highly gratifying endeavor that reinforces our team's pride of standing behind one of the most recognised garden design, building and maintenance companies on the Costa Del Sol. To conceive, create and care for beautiful sustainable gardens of all sizes - in private, commercial and public environments alike - is what we love to do!

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Adarve Garden Maintenance

Perfect maintenance and care of your garden is essential for its optimal maturity and perdurance in time. Adarve offers maintenance plans tailored specifically for your garden and adapted to your personal requirements. 

See the  Adarve Garden Maintenance Service list

  •     Shrub and Tree trimming
  •     Pesticide and fertilizer application
  •     Lawn mowing
  •     Turf improving maintenance
  •     Palm tree pruning
  •     Irrigation and Outdoor lighting troubleshooting
  •     Waterscape maintenance
  •     Swimming Pool servicing

Good maintenance is one of the main pillars for the optimal maturing and perdurance of your garden. Even gardens that are not optimally structured will positively benefit from the right maintenance. Proper care will enhance the beauty of each plant species and compensate for any layout and structure faults if there are any, bringing wellness and happines to the beholder. Adarve will assist or completely relieve the client off all tasks to maintain the health and beauty of the garden. Adarve offers all the professional services and resources required, including a designated maintenance gardner and a chief gardener who will draft the maintenance plan and regularly inspect the premises and the executed works.

Trimming of Trees and Palmtrees

Adarve Jardines has a rigurously trained team of professionals specialised in height works, with all the necessary tools, equipment and safety measures for each job. Every member of our staff is fully qualified and has passed the necessary health and safety courses and updates.  A specific insurance policiy is issued for every Adarve job.

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Adarve Garden Construction

Our construction team is experienced, meticulous and diligent. Adarve's caring, professional approach will ensure the successful fulfilment of the garden project that will complete your home. Services include:

See the  Adarve Construction Services list

  •    Comprehensive hardscape construction
  •     Waterscapes
  •     Installation of irrigation system
  •     Outdoor lighting
  •     First class organic and mineral material : 
        providers of specialist soil, composts, sand, rock and stone
  •     Modern machinery and trucks
  •     Provision and transplanting and planting of vast range of plants,
        trees and palm trees 
  •     Unique plants imported directly from the Italian Tuscany

During our many years of experience we have learned that similar to a an actual building, the structure of a garden has also to be solid, in order for its beauty to endure the passing of the years and grow along with time. The choice of materials is a major issue specially and most importantly when it comes to soil. Not all plant species have the same requirements, therefore a quick yet efficient inspection of the grounds that will support the garden, determines the optimal relation of sand, organic matter or soil to make up the best bedding for the chosen plants.

The majority of terrains on the southern coast of Spain are fertile and rich in nutrients, but lack the organic matter that adds the moisture and airiness for the plants to grow with ease and splendor. Analising the water is another key point to consider prior to planting. The water test results will either determine the choice of plants to fit the available conditions or allow us to correct its composition to adequate it to our needs. At Adarve we like to promote the saving of water and generally propose solutions that will favour reduced water consumption, such as the installation of irrigation systems based on controlled drip, or the covering of shrub areas with pine bark or sand to reduce evaporation. In this line every small detail will be looked to very carefully.

Our team of gardeners are efficient, careful and precise in their construction work, being qualified to undertake all specialised jobs including installation of irrigation systems, handling of iron and metal works as well as machinery and equipment, with the same care and attention that they apply when handling the natural plant stock. At Adarve we like to care for the environment and apply whenever possible and adequate organic matter as well as loose stone and gravel for the drainage, from the recycling plant. We also source stones, boulders and sands from nearby quarries to collaborate with local economy and save transportation fuel.

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Garden Design by Beatrice Perlac

Beatrice Perlac's  design studio develops bespoke, detailed garden projects, which are presented  with color perspectives, photographic simulations and all the necessary plans for the construction of a garden.

See more about the Garden Design Studio

Key aspects taken into consideration are the grounds and environment,  the architectural style of the house and most importantly the client's lifestyle and preferences.  
Our projects range from court yards and small terraces up to big villas, restaurants and residential complexes.  At Adarve we do not measure the greatness of a project by square meters but rather by its details and functional purpose, according to  Beatrice Perlac's approach to garden design and landscaping

Adarve's expert gardening and landscaping team