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 Beatrice Perlac
Landscape Designer with a Passion for Sustainable Gardens 

Since the beginning of my career in 1998, I have been very fortunate to undertake many wonderful landscaping projects, which have but reinforced my passion for creating beautiful gardens. My gardens are born from an impulse, a vision, a feeling... which is turned tangible though the highly professional team and the cutting edgde technical resources of Adarve Jardines.

Yet giving life to a garden involves thorough consideration of many aspects, and Adarve gardens are as varied as their owners and settings.  In my opinion gardens have a stimulating effect on people, with great influence on their mood, emotions and well being.  When I create a garden I consider myself responsible for creating WELLNESS.  The extended environment and the owners' personality and lifestyle play a major part in the process of garden design, encouraging a harmonic relationship to grow between the users and the natural space they enjoy. This, along with detailed care and maintenance, promotes the garden's growth into maturity and continuity over time.  My own maturity as a garden designer has allowed me to define my work according to convictions which I am fortunate to share with most clients who seek my assistance with the design of the natural space that surrounds their homes. Adarve gardens are recognised for portraying the balance between Contemporary Design and Sustainability. Fortunately people are increasingly conscious of the importance of looking after our planet, not only because of the beauty it offers us,  but because of the effect it has on our quality of life...  

Beatrice Somoggi de Perlac
Landscape Designer
Diploma in Landscape Design at Castillo de Batres (Madrid),
Interior Architecture I.A.D.E. (Madrid) w/ Master in Digital Design 

Title in PERMACULTURE (Design of Sustainable Spaces),
Ecological Vegetable Gardens & Orchards